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Guppyfriend Washing Bag


Made with a mission to stop microplastic pollution, the GuppyFriend washing bag works as a filter in your washing machine and catches microplastic fibres that come off in the wash. The GuppyFriend washing bag is a patented technology by Germany-based circular economy company Langbrett.


White. One size: 50 x 74 cm.

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Stop microplastic fibres from entering the rivers and oceans.

  • 35% of microplastics in oceans come from clothing. Each time an item of clothing is washed, up to 700,000 microscopic fibres make their way into our oceans.*

  • Easy to use. The GuppyFriend washing bag collects shredded fibres that come off in the wash. You can then easily remove and dispose of the wastes.

  • Use it for your clothes, underwear and socks that are made from synthetic materials, including polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex and fleeces.

  • It can extend the life of your textiles. Suitable for all textiles.

  • Internationally patented technology. The GuppyFriend washing bag has been featured in the BBC, The Guardian and National Geographic


Size: 50 x 74 cm. Material: 100% polyester. Filter material: untreated, undyed and contains no additives. Fabric: monofilaments. These resemble sticks rather than threads and do not lose any fibres themselves. Designed in Europe and produced sustainably in China.

our 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to the Guppyfriend washing bag.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers via Environment Journal.

“We set out on a mission to stop microplastics from ending up in our environment.”

Langbrett, Inventor of GuppyFriend Washing Bag
Guppyfriend washing bag
The GuppyFriend Washing Bag is invented by Langbrett, a group of surfers and nature lovers based in Germany. Langbrett has been a leading circular economy clothing and footwear company since 2008. Langbrett dedicates the profits from the sales of the GuppyFriend washing bags to support their non-profit organisation STOP! Micro Waste.
Guppyfriend washing bag removes plastic from the washing.